Understand Your Tax Form 1040

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This book is for taxpayers who want to understand and learn about their taxes, regardless of their current tax knowledge. This book teaches the US taxpayers about their tax returns, specifically tax form 1040, which is used to file federal income taxes by individuals.

In this book, you'll learn: 

  • Who has to file tax form 1040

  • Why you may want to file tax returns even if you are not required to

  • How to file for free

  • Where to get tax assistance

  • Why e-filing is the best option

  • What credit do you need to claim missing stimulus payments

  • What documents do you need before you start filing your taxes

  • How to obtain the 1040 form

  • Where to send your tax returns if you are paper filing

  • Which schedules and forms flow into 1040

and more....

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A color pdf version of the book


Understand Your Tax Form 1040

0 ratings